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No matter what the language, our specialist interpreting and translation services will ensure that all of your delegates are privy to a truly inspired experience. Language services are vital to an event’s success as they allow all your delegates to understand your message.

We offer interpreting and translation services in all major European and Asian languages and also have professional portable whispered interpreting equipment to assist breakout sessions which necessitate delegates to move from one room or area to another. It is also a cost-effective means to facilitate site inspections and group tours moving from one location to another.

Interpreting & Translation


Interpreting is conveying the meaning of the spoken word and translation is conveying the meaning of the written word from one language to another.

Simultaneous interpreting is provided by interpreters who, from a soundproof booth, listen to the speech in progress and immediately interpret into an audio system which conference delegates access through headphones.

Consecutive interpreting is intermittent interpreting delivered without interpreting equipment while the program speaker pauses during the lecture. It is important to keep in mind that, due to the intermittent nature of consecutive interpreting, proceedings using this method will almost double the time required for delivery in one language.

Whispered interpreting is essentially simultaneous interpreting for groups of 20 or less. The interpreter whispers into a microphone while sitting between, or at the side of, the delegate(s) who listen through headphones. It is also possible to provide whispered interpreting without equipment but only for groups of 3 or less.
German Sennheiser portable whispered interpreting/tour guide equipment, it is available for hire and more than one sets are available if required.

Language Services


Selecting suitably qualified and experienced interpreters/translators

Liaising regularly with clients, interpreters/translators and equipment technicians

Distributing conference papers to interpreters/translators for pre-conference research

Booking flights and accommodation for interpreting/translating teams on interstate/overseas assignments

Organising briefings for interpreters/translators prior to a conference

interpreting and translation

interpreting and translation
Our conference interpreters at work during the APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting, Hyatt Regency, Coolum, Queensland, Australia. Languages provided: English, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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